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Repeat a Course for SAE Schedule

Via Zoom  9am - 6pm CST

July 7     Friday - Principles I #121

July 8     Saturday - Contracts #1251

July 14   Friday - Promulgated Forms #351

July 15   Saturday - Finance #451

July 21   Friday - Principles II #122

July 28   Friday - Agency #1151

July 29   Saturday - Principles I #121

Aug 4     Friday - Contracts #1251

Aug 11   Friday - Promulgated Forms #351

Aug 12   Saturday - Finance #451

Aug 18   Friday - Principles II #122

Aug 25   Friday - Agency #1151

Aug 26   Saturday - Principles I #121

Sept 15   Friday - Finance #451

Texas Sales Apprentice Education (SAE) Courses

If you are renewing your license for the first time, your TREC records must reflect a total of 270 qualifying real estate course hours. This means you will need 90 hours of SAE in addition to the 180 hours of pre-licensing courses you completed to obtain your license. You must also complete 4 hours each in Legal Update I and Legal Update II.  Additionally, if you have been made a supervisor by your broker, you must complete the 6-hour Broker Responsibility course.

Real Estate Marketing #551 - Online - 30 hours - $125

Has units on technology, online marketing and social media strategies assists in making this course a guide for applying classic marketing and sales techniques to a real estate career.

Property Management #851 - Online - 30 hours - $125

This course covers daily issues facing practitioners in the areas of maintenance, accounting, administrative, legal, and federal regulations including fair housing, ADA issues, environmental issues and civil rights.

Repeat a Previous Qualifying Course - 30 hours - Combo Class - $150 (no textbook) or $200 (with textbook).

See schedule in black box. You may be able to repeat a qualifying course for your first-time renewal. However, credit will not be granted if your were previously given credit for the same qualifying course within a two-year period. If you are unsure ask us and we will look at your TREC records to verify before repeating a course.


To receive credit for repeating a 30 hour course with the Combo class, you will be required to spend a requisite number of hours studying the material in your textbook (a minimum of 2 days) take chapter quizzes online and then attend an 8 hour Zoom review and take a course exam at the end of the review.

You can always borrow a textbook for the course to save you money. 


Register and return to this page to purchase your courses.

SAE Real Estate Marketing #551 - 30 hrs - online-$125

SAE Property Management #851 - 30 hours - online-$125

SAE Repeat a Qualifying Course $200 textbook included

SAE Repeat a Qualifying Course $150 textbook NOT included

1 Make-up Exam $25

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