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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Onward Offer a payment plan option? 

No. Onward offers students the choice between purchasing the courses independently or together as a package.  Regardless of which method you choose, tuition must be paid in full at the time of enrollment.  The individual courses that make up the packages are offered individually and can be purchased one-at-a-time as you progress through the program.  Keep in mind that purchasing the courses together in a package will save you money in the long run.

What are the different class delivery methods and how do they work?

  • Fast TRACK for SAE and Pre-licensing. A dynamic course composed of independent study, on-line quizzes and exercises, an instructor-led review, instructor-led practice test and a proctored closed-book course exam.  Upon successful completion 30 hours of credit will be given.

  • Classroom for CE. Instructor led classroom sessions that present all of the required hours for the course in the classroom.

  • Zoom Classroom for instructor led courses.  Instructor-led classroom sessions that presents the course material through ZOOM.

  • Online for Pre-licensing, SAE and CE. Students work through the course material that is presented in a timed online format, complete with video, interactive games, and online exams. 

Do the classes have to be completed in any particular order?

No.  The courses at Onward do not have to be completed in any particular order.

Can I mix up the delivery methods for my courses?

Yes.  You can choose the delivery method for each course upon purchase.

I have a criminal record, am I eligible to receive a Texas Real Estate License?

All license applicants are subject to a criminal background check before receiving application approval from the Texas Real Estate Commission. 

If you have any criminal offenses, unpaid judgements, disciplinary action taken against a professional or occupational license, or have performed unlicensed activity in the past, you should consider filing a “Fitness Determination” form with TREC before purchasing courses of applying for a license. More information can be found at TREC’s website.

  Can I

Will my college degree count toward any of the required courses?

In rare cases TREC will accept a college course toward your pre-license requirement.

TREC does accept a number of college courses as credit toward your Broker’s license. Plus, a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university satisfies all of the related education requirements for a broker license. 

A copy of the college transcript awarding the degree must be submitted as evidence of completion of the degree.

I have a license in another state.  Can I be exempt from taking the National portion of the exam?

You can be exempt from taking the National portion if you hold an active license in a state that participates in the National exam accreditation with ARELLO. Submit a license history from the state in which you are licensed when you file your application with TREC so TREC can determine if you are exempt.

What happens if I do not pass my homework or exam?

Homework/Quizzes – Quizzes are open book and not timed. Quizzes can be paused and retaken as many times as necessary to pass. No additional charges apply.

Course Exams – All Real Estate QE/SAE exams must be proctored.  They can be taken twice. If the exam is not passed with a score of 70 or higher, the course must be repeated.  There is a charge for repeating a course. Exams are closed book and proctored through ZOOM.

I have finished all my classes, now what?

Once you have completed the 6 required courses for pre-licensing, you will need to submit your license application, application fee, and class completion certificates to the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).  You can file your license application directly from the TREC website and certificates can be emailed to Your will also need to get your fingerprints taken, pass a background check, and take the licensing exam. Please visit the TREC website for additional information pertaining to the process.

Does Onward Report my completed classes to TREC?

All 30 Hour Courses for pre-licensing will need to be submitted to TREC by the student via email.  Send your completion certificates to Be sure to include your full name and TREC Application ID number in the email. The student must maintain a copy of your course completion certificates as evidence of completion for your records.

Onward will electronically report all Real Estate SAE and CE Courses on the student’s behalf.

How often must a license holder renew their license?

Every 2 years.

Do I need to take SAE or CE to renew my license?

As a licensed agent or broker in Texas, you are required to take additional courses to renew your license every two years.  There are two types of renewals: Sales Agent Apprentice Education (SAE) and Continuing Education (CE).

If you are a licensed Sales Agent and are renewing your license for the very first time, you must complete have a total of 270 qualifying real estate course hours, 4 hours of TREC's Legal Update I, and 4 hours of TREC's Legal Update II posted to your license record prior to submitting your renewal.  If you have been made a supervisor by your broker, you will also need the 6-hour Broker Responsibility course.

If this is not your first renewal, you must complete 18-hours of CE credit every two years.  Of these 18-hours, 8-hours must be Legal Update I and II (4 hours each); and 3 hours must be in a contracts-related course.  Plus, if you are a supervisor, your must take the 6-hour Broker Responsibility course as part of your 18 hours to renew.

What is required for SAE?

If you are renewing for the first time –

  • 8 hours of TREC Legal Update I and II

  • A total of 270 hours qualifying course hours.  If you submitted 180 hours to obtain your license, you will need 3 thirty-hour qualifying real estate courses.

  • Plus 6-hour Broker Responsibility if you were made a supervisor by your broker.

You can repeat a previous taken qualifying course if you had taken it over two years ago.

What is required for Sales Agent CE?

  • 8 hours of TREC Legal Update I and II

  • A total of 270 qualifying course hours.  If you submitted 180 hours to obtain your license, you will need 3 thirty-hour SAE qualifying real estate courses

  • 7 hours of elective CE (If you supervise other license holders, six of the seven elective hours must consist of the 6-hour Broker Responsibility Course.)

What is required for Broker CE?

Complete 18 hours of approved Continuing Education (CE) Courses

  • 8 hours of TREC Legal Update I and II

  • 3 hours of Contract related coursework

  • 7 hours of elective CE (If you have sponsored one or more sales agents, served as the designated broker, or supervised other license holders, six of the seven elective hours must consist of the 6-hour Broker Responsibility Course.)

Can CE hours be taken at any time?

Yes, CE classes can be taken at any time during your 2-year license period.

How is my CE credit reported to the Texas Real Estate Commission?

Onward will report your CE credit within 24 business hours of completing the course.  Once the credit has been reported it typically posts to your online TREC profile immediately but can take up to 24 hours to post. 

If you recently completed a CE and it has not posted, please contact Onward School of Real Estate.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

There are ways to reach us:

  • Call between 8 am and 5 pm CST, Monday-Friday at 915-264-0300

  • Email

  • Click on technical support within your course

  • Text message 915-264-0300

  • Chat is also available Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm CST

We will reply to your inquiry within 24 hours.

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